Understanding Your Hair Removal Options

Hair grows in unwanted places, regardless of whether you are a man or woman. We all have some area on our body where we would like hair to stop growing back. Continued growth on upper lips, legs, bikini area, rear end, arms, or back becomes a source of frequent irritation. You may have tried a few of the methods of hair removal available, but probably not all of them. Here’s an introduction to the most popular types of hair removal and how they work.

Razor Blades

Shaving is the most common form of hair removal. Razors make up a huge portion of the hair removal industry, for both men and women alike. Whether using a fancy brand name razor or just grabbing the cheapest one on the shelf, it becomes a never ending cycle of purchasing and using razors. The reason is simple. Razor blades cut hair follicles while leaving the root intact. Since your hair continues to grow, the fresh shaven appearance is temporary at best. If you don’t mind dedicating at least ten minutes of your time every day to the routine, then this method can work for you. Just be careful since nicks and ingrown hairs can and do happen now and again.

Plucking and Tweezing

Another method for removing hair is to use tweezers to pluck hair out. For someone who is plagued with hairs growing between the eyebrows, it is necessary to yank the extras out in order to create two separate eyebrows. Be aware that plucking can result in the skin being red and irritated for a short time afterwards. If looking to remove hair in only a minutely small area, then this may be a viable option. It isn’t feasible for larger areas.

Hair Removal Creams

There are a few hair removal creams, also called depilatory creams, that remove hair by using a chemical to dissolve the hair shaft. Most are available over the counter, though there are also prescription strength ones prescribed by a medical doctor. It is possible to burn the skin with the chemicals, especially if they are left on too long. When purchasing depilatory creams, be careful to buy the right product. There are different formulas for the face, body, and private areas. Needless to say, you don’t want to mix them up.

Laser Hair Removal

The practice of using hair-removal lasers in clinics has long been established as an effective method. This procedure targets hair follicles to destroy them and, if caught in the right stage of growth, destroys the root permanently. What hair does grow back tends to be finer and takes weeks to return. It does cost quite a bit for a laser treatment, but for most people who choose this option, it may be worth it.

Hot and Cold Wax Treatments

Another hair removal procedure involves applying hot wax to the skin, then laying a cloth over it followed by jerking the cloth away. The hot wax sticks to the cloth and rips the hairs from the skin. It is as painful as it sounds, especially in the bikini region. Hot waxes are often used for large areas of skin such as the legs, back, and chest, but also for private areas. Cold wax strips are sold in retail stores for bikini, lip, brow, and other areas. The wax strip is warmed between the hands before being pressed against the skin, then yanked back off. While the cold wax strips aren’t as painful as with hot wax, they also are not as effective. Hot wax carries the risk of being burned, something that happens more often than it should.

The Most Effective Methods

There are far more methods for removing hair, some more popular than others. Which method will work best is dependent on each person’s own needs. How often, how easy, or how painful a treatment is will help you decide on the one that you should try.

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