Surgery Is Not The Best Way To Prevent Wrinkles

the best ways to prevent wrinkles

Have you ever watched some of those “When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong” documentaries on TV? Well, I certainly have, and I can assure you, I would rather live with wrinkles than risk having to spend the rest of my life grotesquely disfigured. Sorry, the risks involved, together with the notoriously high cost of cosmetic surgery, make it, in my opinion, a foolish choice if all you want to do is prevent wrinkles.

Let’s face it; you can often get rid of wrinkles simply by eating more and putting on weight. Of course that’s also not an ideal solution though, because being overweight can have very serious consequences with respect to your overall health. You also can’t put on more weight each time you notice wrinkles appearing because sooner or later you’ll end up being morbidly obese.

Unless you’re willing to go under the knife, you’re going to need to take a proactive stance if you well and truly want to prevent wrinkles. In fact, even surgery cannot prevent wrinkles – it can only get rid of existing wrinkles. So, what does it take to have radiant youthful looking skin once you start aging?

In a nutshell, it requires a three-pronged approach – diet, exercise, and good skin care products that really do deliver results. When I say good skin care products, I’m not referring to all those common big name brands you see lining the shelves of grocery stores across the country. The vast majority of those will actually do more harm to your skin than good, simply because virtually all of them contain ingredients you wouldn’t dare to use if you really knew anything about them.

Even the more expensive ones which may be free of any harmful ingredients will in all probability only have miniscule quantities of active ingredients which have been shown to improve skin condition. Let’s just say, very few manufacturers can in all honesty state that their products contain a minimum of 50% active ingredients.

All skin care products which are designed to prevent wrinkles contain certain “filler” ingredients, but the difference lies in the type of filler being used. The vast majority of big name brands use petroleum based glycerine, while only a handful use plant based glycerine. Of course the manufacturers aren’t required by law to state what sort of glycerine on the product label, so the average consumer is left in the dark. Look at it this way though – you can eat food based glycerine, but if you try the same thing with petroleum based glycerine, you’re going to wind up in the waiting room of your local hospital.

In order for any ingredient to be effective, it has to be able to penetrate the skin, which in turn means that at some point, that ingredient will reach the blood stream. Basically, any ingredient capable of penetrating your skin should be safe enough to eat. If it’s not, it should be kept away from your skin – period. The bottom line is, no matter how desperate you are to prevent wrinkles, you should never be willing to put your health at risk.

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