Sukinkeakitto (Sun lotion, day / night cream, eye cream) Rorearupari young regenerating code

    Stress, aging signs and reduce fatigue
  • Skin Care
  • regeneration
  • youth 10 years of genetic research

All products: non-oil, has been dermatologist tested for gentleness. The Sun Lotion SPF 30: UVA / UV Sunscreen SPF 30, the pores non-exclusive Earesuponpu protect the purity of expression. The Eye: fragrance free, ophthalmologist tested, offers a massage device swelling under the eye bags and innovative cooling of the applicator. Are young people the right code for me? With age, your skin will regenerate quickly following. Stress seem to appear suddenly, signs of fatigue and aging: the evidence indicates the time leaving. Youth Discovery regeneration, innovation, derived from genetic science. After 10 years of research by L’Oreal scientists to find a specific set of genes responsible for skin’s natural ability playing the unlock code for young skin. International patent, it is like to regain the qualities of young skin L ‘Oreal’s innovative technology genactiv Genactiv technology, this powerful starter system, the skin can increase the power play. Rest appear to skim more luminous and youthful and smooth. Have been developed in cooperation for the effective treatment of these powerful increases.

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Kit (Day Lotion, Day/Night Cream, Eye Cream)

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