Secret Of Looking Young – Production of Collagen

You only get one skin so you owe it to yourself to look after it well. With the right oily skin treatment products, you can keep your skin looking smooth, supple, and young, in spite of the fact that it is bombarded with all the things that the weather can throw at you; rain, shine, and wind. Naturally, youthful looking skin is something that all women would adore to have and many men too.

boosting the production of Collagen and Elastin

The primary cause of wrinkles appearing in your skin is the slowdown in your skin’s ability with relation to the production of Collagen. Collagen is a natural substance that your body produces, and together with another substance called Elastin, they are the prime movers that keep your skin looking and feeling young.

It’s all about elasticity. When you are born, and afterwards through your major growth years, (as your body increases dramatically in size), the process of Collagen and Elastin manufacture is enabled at optimum levels, giving your skin its amazing ability to stretch and regenerate. But as you age, there is a slowdown in this manufacturing process, and the result is that your skin loses its suppleness, and eventually wrinkles form and blemishes appear that do not go away.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to stand idly by while the aging process takes root. There are products available on the market today, that, using clinically proven natural ingredients, have been specially designed to stimulate your body’s production of Collagen. One of the most effective treatments is Xtend-life Restorative Night Cream.

The secret behind this particular product are the ingredients that have been brought together in a unique blend that nourishes your skin and encourages increased collagen levels which helps your skin cells to rejuvenate in a similar fashion to the way they did through your growth years. It’s so easy to use too. All you do is to apply it before you go to bed and let in sink into your skin to work its rejuvenating magic while you sleep.

There are three specific areas that this Restorative Night Cream targets. The first is to increase the amount collagen and elastin in your skin. This will bring back, and/or help to preserve and maintain your skin’s youthful elasticity

The second area it addresses is to boost the amount of hyaluronic acid. This is achieved by the inclusion of Phytessence Wakame (PW), a substance that is drawn from a specific type of Japanese Sea Weed. Sea Weed has long been associated with skin care, but this particular variety of Kelp has the highest concentration of PW, which is a natural inhibitor of Hyaluronidase. This is a harmful enzyme, which, if left unchecked, causes a serious breakdown of your skin’s natural levels of essential Hyaluronic acid.

The third area that Xtend-life’s Restorative Night Cream addresses is the destruction of excess free radicals. Free radicals are a well-recognized cause of aging. It is a clinically proven fact that anti-oxidants have the power to eliminate free radicals. This cream’s inclusion of Nana Lipobelle H EQ10, a high-powered anti-oxidant, formulated in such a way as to be able to permeate through seven layers of skin, seeking out and destroying those age inducing free radicals, is a major contributor in the fight to remedy and prevent wrinkles.

By boosting the production of Collagen and Elastin, inhibiting Hyaluronidase, and destroying free radicals, (all while you sleep), this Restorative Night Cream is a super hero in the fight against premature wrinkling and skin aging, and when combined with Xtend-life’s Age Defense Active Day Cream, it is even more effective.

If you want to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance, or you are desperate to rid yourself of any premature wrinkling, Xtend-life Restorative Night Cream treatment is the way to go. Using only 100% safe, natural ingredients, you will see and feel the difference in your skin as soon as you start using it. So why delay any longer? Place your order now and begin to rejuvenate your skin to its natural youthful condition.

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