Things To Remember About Anti Aging Hand Cream

If someone were to ask you what anti aging hand cream, or any other type of skin moisturizer for that matter, do you believe is the most popular, what would your answer be? My guess is you would mention one of the well known brands which we see being advertised on the glossy pages of magazines, on billboards, and of course, several times each day on TV. Now, I certainly cannot point a finger at all the leading brands, but I can say many of them shouldn’t even be allowed on the market. At the very least, the manufacturers should have a legal obligation to inform consumers as to the potential risks that come with many of their skin care products. Unfortunately however, the cosmetics industry doesn’t have to answer to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which in turn means their products can contain any ingredients the manufacturers decide to include.

Considering that the hands are one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging, it’s only understandable that many people want to use a good anti aging hand cream, but not everybody actually realizes that the keyword here is “good”, and neither do they realize what the word “good” really means when it comes to skin care products.

Instead, the vast majority of people are easily duped into believing a particular product is fantastic. Manufacturers do this by means of extravagant advertizing, and by drawing the attention of consumers to one or two key ingredients which can be found in their products.

Who is actually paying for those multimillion dollar advertizing campaigns? So, you’re not really getting what you pay for after all, because a large cut of that money you hand over goes towards advertizing rather than towards top quality skin care. Secondly, rather than brag about one or two “good” ingredients, why don’t manufacturers come clean, and warn consumers about all the “not so good” ingredients which they include in their products?

good quality anti aging hand cream

I haven’t come across a single anti aging hand cream that carries a health warning on the container, and yet so many of them contain potentially dangerous ingredients. Most creams contain scents, but the manufacturers don’t tell you what scents have been used. There are over 4000 scents at their disposal, many of which are known to be hazardous to one’s health. In fact, more and more employers are starting to ban the use of perfumes in the workplace because of health concerns.

Many anti aging hand creams contain mineral oil or mineral oil derivatives, despite the fact that they are proven to be harmful to skin. Why do they use mineral oil if studies have proven it harms the skin? Simply because it’s the cheapest option out there!

An ingredient known as Dioxane is also present in many creams, and yet it’s nothing but a dangerous chemical byproduct known to cause a range of health problems. Acrylamide is another ingredient you’ll often see listed when you shop for an anti aging hand cream, despite the fact that there is mounting evidence to suggest it’s linked to breast tumors.

Perhaps the scariest ingredient of them all is Phenol carbolic acid. Clinical studies have shown that this particular chemical can cause coma and even total respiratory failure. Of course I could name several other ingredients frequently used within the cosmetics industry, many of which are equally as dangerous, but for me to do that, I’d need to write several pages.

A good quality anti aging hand cream can do wonders in terms of giving you younger looking hands, but for your own sake, please just make sure you choose your cream wisely, rather than allowing yourself to be fooled by clever marketing strategies.

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