Forget Botox Injections and Cosmetic Surgery – Natural Beauty Is Here At Last

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Let us face it; practically everyone would like to look as young as they possibly can, particularly once they reach their mid thirties or early forties. For the most part, it’s around this age that people first begin to see the appearance of fine lines, especially around one’s eyes, and once those first lines appear, they seem to get worse with each passing day.

Up until quite recently, those of us wanting to turn back the hands of time only had a few options to choose from. To make matters even worse, the options which were available were beyond the reach of most ordinary people, simply because they were way too expensive. We all know just how expensive cosmetic surgery is, even if you do travel abroad to have it done in countries where the costs are more reasonable.

Botox injections, chemical peels, and even microderm abrasion have been used extensively to reduce lines and wrinkles, but again, the cost of these procedures has meant only the wealthy could afford them.

We have also of course seen thousands of anti wrinkle creams and anti aging serums arrive on the market, but as countless people have discovered, they simply don’t produce the sort of results we are looking for, irrespective of how expensive they are. Additionally, the vast majority of brand name products contain highly questionable chemical ingredients, some of which we will look at shortly.

Now At Last … Affordable Age-Defying Skincare Is Here for All

Forget all those gimmicky anti aging products that promise to make you look 10 years younger overnight. Forget all about those “far out” products that contain so-called miracle ingredients like human growth hormone or human foreskin cells. Don’t be misled into believing your favorite celebrity looks as young as they do because they use one of these products. They might appear in the adverts, and they may even promote the products, but they very rarely use those products in real life.

What you need is a range of skin care products that are manufactured from the highest quality all-natural ingredients, and each of those ingredients must have been put to the test in vigorously controlled studies and trials.

Allow Me To Introduce You To:


Every aspect of the Xtend-Life range of skin care products is based on the company’s FIVE Core principles:

  • To give their customers the best possible value for their money
  • To produce products that are so safe and pure, you could in fact eat them
  • To Provide outstanding customer service, including professional skin care advice
  • To never operate with any hidden agenda – 100% transparency at all times
  • To guarantee the sustainability of the business, including the ingredients used

Many of the high street brand name manufacturers are quick to point out that their products contain ingredients like vitamin E and collagen, but they almost always fail to tell customers what type of vitamin E has been added, and they never ever mention the fact that added collagen is of no use to anyone, since it simply cannot be absorbed by one’s skin – it’s a physical impossibility!

Xtend-Life Does Things Differently

When you purchase any of the Xtend-Life skin care products, whether it is an anti-aging night cream, or whether it is an anti-wrinkle eye cream, you know it doesn’t contain a single chemical, and you also know that each of the ingredients have been meticulously selected based on their proven effectiveness.

Typical Ingredients You Can Expect To See In Your Xtend-Life Skin Care Products

Xtend TK

This ingredient is in some ways the very backbone of the Xtend-Life range of skin care products, and it is an ingredient present in all the different creams, lotions, serums and moisturizers. In a nutshell, Xtend TK is a patented form of Functional Keratin™ which has been proven to have the following qualities:

  • Reduces fine facial lines and wrinkles
  • Improves firmness and promotes elasticity
  • Reduces redness caused by inflammation and/or hypersensitivity
  • Enhances the natural appearance of one’s complexion

If you do find keratin in the big brand name products, you can be rest assured it’s a form of keratin extracted from the horns and hooves of animals by means of high temperatures and/or acid. On the other hand, the Functional Keratin™ in Xtend-Life products is obtained from the wool of selected sheep in New Zealand, and it’s obtained by means of a unique and relatively new extraction process.

Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10

At Xtend-Life, researchers know exactly how important it is to increase collagen levels if you are to have any chance of reducing lines and wrinkles, but they also know added collagen simply cannot achieve that goal. In order to get around this obstacle, they’ve added in the much talked about Coenzyme Q10, but they’ve chosen to use a “nano” emulsion variety so that it can penetrate deep enough in order to stimulate collagen production, and also elastin production. Once again, the effectiveness of this ingredient has been proven in controlled trials and studies.

Apart from these two exceptional ingredients, you will also find the following ingredients in nearly all Xtend-Life skin care products:

  • Natural vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant renowned for its ability to reverse the unpleasant effects aging has on one’s skin. Recent studies have also shown that alpha-tocopherol (the vitamin E used in Xtend-Life skin care) can help to prevent the appearance of sun spots.
  • Phytessence Wakame – this Japanese kelp extract has been proven to inhibit a certain enzyme known as hyaluronidase. This is crucial because this particular enzyme breaks down the hyaluronic acid which is present in a person’s skin, and this in turn leads to a loss of elasticity.
  • Grapeseed Oil – another powerful antioxidant and also an exceptional moisturizer. In addition, grapeseed oil has proven itself to be remarkably effective at repairing skin damage, which is why it is also recommended for those who have stretch marks.
  • Active Manuka Honey – a special honey found in New Zealand on the Manuka bush. The honey contains a range of enzymes which have been shown to be hugely beneficial in terms of repairing damaged skin. In fact, it is so effective; scientists now refer to the presence of Active Manuka Honey in skin care products as being the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).
  • D-Panthenol – essentially vitamin B5, this ingredient works alongside some of the above mentioned ingredients in order to repair damaged skin tissue. It is also a highly respected moisturizer, and a 100% natural sunscreen. Not only does it protect against sunburn, but it can also be used to treat existing sunburn.

These are by no means all the ingredients used in Xtend-Life skin care products, but they are the most frequently used ingredients.

Okay, now that we have looked at some of the worlds finest natural anti aging ingredients, let us take a brief look at some of the ingredients which are commonly used in most brand name creams, and then you can decide for yourself which sort of skin care products you want to use.

Ingredients That Need to Be Avoided Like the Plague

  1. Mineral oil: – whereas Xtend-Life anti aging creams rely on ingredients like grapeseed oil in order to keep one’s skin sufficiently moisturized, many store bought creams and lotions make use of mineral oil. Many consumers see this as being a good thing, but only because they are misled by the term “mineral” oil. While adding this ingredient to skin care products might be a good thing as far as the petrochemical industry is concerned, it is certainly not good news for consumers – it is after all, nothing but a cheap byproduct, and one which undeniably does more harm than good.
  2. Triclosan: – used in an astonishing number of skin care products due to its powerful antibacterial properties. This chemical is so effective and so powerful, it is also used in the manufacturing of garbage bags and bins, urinals, toilet bowls, toilet seats, etc. Do you honestly want to rub this into your skin on a daily basis?
  3. Toluene: – also known as benzoic and/or benzyl, this waxy petroleum byproduct is commonly found in synthetic fragrances, which is in fact one of many reasons why you should never use skin care products that contain fragrance. Long term exposure has to date been linked to serious liver and kidney damage, and scientists now have reason to believe it can harm a developing fetus.
  4. Phenol carbolic acid: – this frequently used ingredient is a seriously nasty chemical, and to be honest, it is difficult to even comprehend how skin care manufacturers can continue using this ingredient. To date, this chemical is known to have the potential to cause convulsions, coma, paralysis, circulatory collapse, and even death due to total respiratory failure.
  5. Padimate-O: – an ingredient you will almost certainly come across if you are shopping around for a good sunscreen. In truth however, if this ingredient is mentioned on the list of ingredients, the cream you are considering buying is by no means a good cream. To the contrary, it could result in you getting skin cancer. While this chemical is added because of its ability to absorb some of the energy your skin is exposed to when you are in the sun, scientists now believe it converts that energy into cancer causing free radicals.

There are many more ingredients I could name and shame, but then again, you have probably already discovered enough to have made up your mind. The most ironic thing of all is that not only are the vast majority of these chemicals very harmful, but they are also totally ineffective. Manufacturers have been using them for years, and as we all know, there’s never been a brand name cream that was well and truly capable of reducing lines and wrinkles.

If Xtend-Life Creams and Lotions Are Safe Enough to Eat, They are Safe Enough to be used on Your Skin

Would you dare to put any of the above mentioned chemicals past your lips? I certainly wouldn’t, and if something can harm me if I ingest it, it can also harm me if it is applied to my skin. While not all ingredients are able to make it through the skin into one’s bloodstream, there are many that can. In fact, some of the frequently used chemicals have already been found in breast milk.

Everyone is free to make their own decisions in life, but if you are serious about finding anti sagging skin care products that really do work, and ones which are 100% pure and natural, you really should think twice before you opt for the latest brand name products. Instead of looking at the adverts, rather study the list of ingredients … it could quite literally spell the difference between life and death.

I do hope that you will explore Xtend-Life Products website and hopefully become their long term satisfied customer as I have!